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Our research focuses on how the brain supports our ability to remember. Using a combination of behavioral and brain imaging techniques, our research explores how we form new memories, how we remember past experiences, and how our memory for the past influences what we learn in the present.

In particular, we use high-resolution functional neuroimaging techniques to explore the unique contributions of medial temporal lobe structures to memory function and how these regions interact with brain regions involved in perception, attention, emotion, and motivation.

We are also interested in how changes in brain structure and function throughout childhood and adolescence relate to the development of memory and reasoning abilities during this time period.

Want to get involved in our research?...

The lab accepts graduate students through Psychology and the Institute for Neuroscience. We also regularly recruit undergraduate research assistants and participants for research studies.

New paper on memory integration
Check out our new review paper on memory integration to be published in the first issue of Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.

We are recruiting a new postdoc!
We are looking for motivated PhDs to join our group. See here for details about how to apply. Review of applications will begin July 15th.

Kids, teens, and parents
Interested in how your brain works? We are actively recruiting kids and teens for our studies of memory development. Click here for more information.