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Aldrich Lab Alumni

Weiyan Li

"I joined the Aldrich Lab as a postdoc at Stanford in 2002 and moved with the lab to UT in 2006. I use patch clamp technique to study the molecular mechanisms of calcium activated BK and SK types of potassium channels. My research interest is how ion channels gate in response to different stimuli and the functional roles of different parts of the ion channel protein."

picture of LiuHe Liu

"Right after graduation from UT Neurobiology, I joined the Aldrich lab in September 2006 for my postdoctoral research. I am using molecular biology approaches to screen random mutations in Ca2+ activated K+ channels, which cause spontaneous opening of these channels. Then I hope to use the electrophysiological techniques I am learning in this lab to further investigate the biophysical effects of these mutations in the channel molecule. Having been at UT for eight years, I am the most native Austinite in the lab."

Jiusheng Yan

"I graduated from Purdue University and started my postdoctoral research with the Aldrich Lab in August 2007. I am interested in understanding the structure and mechanism of the Ca2+ activated K+ channel complexes with approaches of electrophysiology, protein biochemistry, and mass spectrometry."


Justin Litchfield

"I enjoy long walks on the beach and many reactions involving aldehydes. I started college at the University of Arizona (1999-2001) and then transferred to the University of Utah, where by employing a new strategy of going to class and studying, I graduated with a degree in chemistry (biological) in 2003. At Utah I worked in the lab of Matt Sigman trying to synthesize the natural product agrobactin that we hoped would be useful for studying voltage-gated potassium channels (sadly, really it wasn't). Then, I started graduate school in Stanford University's chemistry department where I joined the lab of Justin Du Bois and began trying to synthesize other interesting molecules that could possibly be used to study voltage-gated ion channels. Three years into my studies I decided to devote my energy to studying the channels themselves and so joined this lab and helped move all our stuff across half the country. Now I'm continuing to study voltage-gated ion channels and am now focusing on understanding gating in Kv1.2. Neurons are not in my top 10 favorite things, though cation channels certainly are. Also included in my top 10 favorite things are my bike, my Apple computers, and carbon."



Amelia Hall

"I graduated with a BS in Molecular Genetics from the University of Rochester. While there, I learned I enjoyed getting my hands dirty in the lab more than anything else. I began work in August 2007 and I am currently working on purifying calmodulin and hopefully many mutant varieties of it for the electrophysiology researchers. Hopefully, this will be accomplished using a new fast protein liquid chromatograpy system (FPLC) so that large amounts of highly purified protein can be produced. I am currently reading a lot about ion channels as I don't have a lot of background in that area, and have become very interested in the effects of plant and animal toxins on ion channels in vitro and in vivo. I was born in Austin in 1984, and it feels good to be back!"